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Hot news about ventilation duct machine as follow. Parameters of duct machine,compare heating ventilation with air condition.

  • The Parameters Of AML-Ⅲ Duct Machine

    The Parameters Of AML-Ⅲ Duct MachineMore >

    AML-Ⅲ Duct-o-matic line is a mature product of our company. This line is mainly used in scaling& blanking duct parts, punching and folding. It can scale and blank for TDF and TDC duct, and it can be combined with T12, T20, T30 or T40 Pittsburgh lock machine and seaming machine, plus angle iron to manufacture ducts; it is also suitable for processing in light industries like cabinet, appliance, automobile and elevator, etc. It consists of uncoiling bracket, leveling&bending machine, punching machine and shearing&folding machine. This line has features like simple operation, stable performance and precise blanking scaling, etc.



    1. CADmantra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Design Engineer CADmantra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Contact :bholapatel.me@gmail.com Technical seminar on HEATING VENTILATION AND AIR CONDTIONING

    2. CONTENT • Introduction to HVAC • History of HVAC • Need of HVAC • Heating • Ventilation • Air conditioning process • Types of installation • Recent Development in HVAC • Advantages & Disadvantages • Applications of HVAC • Conclusion

    3. WHAT IS HVAC? • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

    4. WHAT DOES IT DO? • HVAC is a basic requirement for your indoor air quality, what you breathe, temperature, humidity -- in your house. • So when you hear the term "HVAC" it means the entire air system of your home.

  • Duct Manufacture Auto Line V

    Duct Manufacture Auto Line VMore >

    Duct manufacture auto line V is designed for medium to large volume workshops and is used to work with the coiled metal with weighting up to 6 tons, thickness up to 1,2 mm and minimal duct size 160x160 mm .

    The machine provides high efficiency production of straights air-ducts. The production process can be managed by only one operator. The quantity and the parameters of the required products are inserted directly through the Touch Screen of the controller with a convenient and easy to manage interface.

    Duct manufacture auto line V has a modular design which allows to use it in different configurations: feeding & straightening of the coiled metal, bending, punching, cutting-to-length, Pittsburgh forming, TDF flange, “C” flange, angle iron flange forming, duct folding and closing.

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