The parameters of AML-Ⅲ Duct-o-matic line

AML-Ⅲ Duct-o-matic line is a mature product of our company. This line is mainly used in scaling& blanking duct parts, punching and folding. It can scale and blank for TDF and TDC duct, and it can be combined with T12, T20, T30 or T40 Pittsburgh lock machine and seaming machine, plus angle iron to manufacture ducts; it is also suitable for processing in light industries like cabinet, appliance, automobile and elevator, etc. It consists of uncoiling bracket, leveling&bending machine, punching machine and shearing&folding machine. This line has features like simple operation, stable performance and precise blanking scaling, etc.

1.Full study in designing ensures the smoothness of working.

2.Employs advanced CNC system.

Technical data:

Processing part thickness: 0.4~1.5mm.

Maximum part width: 1250mm.

Amount of bending bar: 5

Technical parameters

1、equipment composing:Uncoiler bracket, support bracket and host machine

2、uncoiler bracket

dimension :L×B×H=3200×1800×1500(mm)

weight :About 1100KG

maximum load :No more than 6500KG

speed reducer mode :WPRT80    i=30   

Motor power: 1.5KW

3、support bracket

dimension :L×B×H=1800×1430×280(mm)

weight :About 110KG

4、host machine

dimension :L×B×H=2350×1900×1200(mm)

Weight: about 3300KG

speed reducer mode :XJ-29 i=29 motor power: 4KW

Hydraulic power: 5.5KW

5、suitable materials:0.4~1.2mm galvanized plate、0.5~0.6mm stainless steel plate, Once equipped with corresponding devices, it can process 2.5mm ordinary plate and 1.5mm stainless steel plate.

6、production speed:16 meter/minute at average


7、product precision:length allowance±0.5mm,diagonal allowance±0.8mm

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