tdf flange machine

tdf flange machine supplier have a broad range of tdf flange machine. Three hot sale products in here.

  • Single direction TDF flange duct corner fitting machine

    Single direction TDF flange duct corner fitting machine More >

    For assembling TDF duct, it is a associated equipment of rectangular square tube production line. Lots of corners can be stacked neatly and put into the chute, then put square tube into the specified location and the machine can automatically feed Corner, press and fix in three-step that finishes one-way binding corner once. The connection of corner and air duct flange is firm with small distortion, low noise and good effect. A variety of different sizes of corners can be successfully assembled.

    TDF flange duct corner fitting machine adopts Mitsubishi PLC control with easy operation, manual and automatic control, high stability and easy installation, and greatly improves production efficiency.

  • suitable for manufacturing ducts TDC/TDF splicing flange machine

    suitable for manufacturing ducts TDC/TDF splicing flange machineMore >

    TDC/TDF splicing flange machine system is one of the two biggest systems of duct manufacturing around the world. It has features like timesaving, material-saving, high work efficiency, good sealing, solidity and durability and firm splicing, etc. TDC/TDF splicing flange machine especially suitable for manufacturing ducts with big section surface. On the basis of installation and manufacturing experience home and abroad, technicians in our company keep creating and studying, and designed this excellent duct manufacturing equipment after long time of working.
    TDC series products can be combined with other products of our company---shearing machine, cutting machine, bending machine, folding machine, Pittsburgh lock machine, angle iron machine and feeding machine, etc. and form a duct manufacturing line. The ducts manufactured are up to standard and reliable.

  • china supplier steel tdf-12 flange making machine

    china supplier steel tdf-12 flange making machineMore >

    The TDF-T12 flange machine is a significant achievement in development resulting from constant research by the engineers of the ACL Lifeng Group. The TDF flange making machine series when combined with a motor driven shearer, notcher, folder- bender and a Pittsburgh lock machine when combined with a feeding unit can form an air duct production line, producing a flange of high quality.

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