Round Elbow Bite Machine

There are some views from guillotine suppliers.This machines can make the metal tube in two shapes join together and rolled these two kind of bone pipe coupling in another group of hoops to get up ,The customer may according to need connect the multisection circular pipes the sun-dried shelled shrimp elbow piece or ascending pipe, this machine operation simple convenient、is suitable with the Ventilation duct manufacture.

1.Rack:Becomes by the angle steel and the steel plate weldment ,the rigidity is good ,Sees picture one.

2.Ttansmission system: Has the electric motor ,Level triangle belt,Level worm gear worm bearing adjuster 、Level gear drive composition.

3.Work installment :presses the bone takes shape when by two rolls the windlass ,One localization turn composition ,Sets a broken bone when rolls the windlass and four tumbler support hoop by two is composed.

4.Operation installment: The control rolls the windlass rotation direction the foot pedal electricity switch, the control rolls the windlass to feed the adjustment hand wheel.



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